iPhone Photography for Beginners - PH06SU19

iPhone Photography for Beginners - PH06SU19

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Instructor: John Clarke
Day & Time: Saturday, 10AM–4PM
Dates: August 31, 2019 (1 meeting)
Location: Citizens' Hall, Stockbridge
Tuition: $105

The iPhone is capable of capturing beautiful, art-quality photographs. In this introductory day-long workshop, students will be given a groundwork for getting the most from their iPhone photos. Exploring the features of the in-phone camera, navigating the Camera Roll, and getting to know the phone's editing suite will be covered in the morning. The editing app PhotoToaster and the long exposure camera Slow Shutter Cam will be covered in the afternoon. Students should have both PhotoToaster and Slow Shutter Cam downloaded to their phones prior to the start of the workshop. All students should have at least an iPhone 4. No Androids or other smart phones.

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