25 Reasons To Support IS183

At IS183 we're investing in the future of arts education in Berkshire County and the creative lives of our kids.

What started as a belief – that the activity of creating art distinguishes us from all other forms of life - has blossomed into Berkshire County's community art school ....a place that helps thousands of adults and children find their creative voices, enjoy an artistic outlet, make new work, and learn how to problem solve and collaborate in new ways.

We are committed to helping the citizens of tomorrow – elementary, middle and high school kids who will become adults over the next 25 years - learn through the arts to better collaborate, think, and create. Reasons to support our next 25 years:

  1. Make an impact
  2. Share ideas
  3. Discover creative energy
  4. Take risks
  5. Experiment
  6. Make friends
  7. Define your aesthetic
  8. Solve problems
  9. Connect with different thinkers
  10. Build new neural pathways
  11. Make your own coffee mug
  12. Watch a child light up
  13. Try something new
  14. Design a statement piece
  15. Weld metal together
  16. Dip your hands in paint
  17. Tell your story
  18. Show your story
  19. Celebrate the tactile
  20. Slow down and explore
  21. Surprise yourself; surprise others
  22. Present your own show-and-tell
  23. Listen to a child describe their work of art
  24. See in all new ways
  25. Roll up your sleeves
  26. Throw pots
  27. Think inside out
  28. Pimp your walker
  29. Make an idea come to life
  30. Get dirty!

Won't you join us?