Future Plans

IS183 has three primary goals to achieve by the 10th anniversary of LTA in Fall, 2017.

  1. There are six Level 3 elementary schools in Berkshire County. Currently IS183 has extensive programming in 3 of them (50%) - providing after-school programming for up to 33 weeks, 4.5 hours/week (1.5 hours/day, 3 days/week) during the school year as well as four week, four day/week summer programs. By 2017, it is IS183's goal to be in every Level 3 elementary school in Berkshire County offering significant opportunity for engagement to students K-5.
  2. Regardless of level, for each elementary school with LTA programming it is a goal to have a consistent program path available through middle and high school. IS183 aims to provide a comprehensive program whether it is taking place in the schools or in collaboration with community based organizations.
  3. To work with all Berkshire County school districts to ensure that Superintendents and Principals are informed of opportunities to bring the transformative LTA program to their students.