Oz Gala - Oct 29, 2016

Thank you to the 500+ who turned out on Saturday October 29, 2016 to celebrate the conclusion of our 25th anniversary year. We couldn't be here without you! Here's to another 25 years of creativity, collaborations and community.

Photos from Rural Intelligence

Thank You

Dinner Hosts
Vicki Bonnington and David Schecker
Tracy and Andy Foster
Robin and Stan Gerber
Lauren Joy
Julia Kaplan
Carol and Bob Stegeman

Corporate Sponsors
Barrington Brewery
Berkshire Mountain Distillers
Blue Q
Chocolate Springs
Classical Tents
Domaney's Fine Wine and Liquors
Hotel on North
Kelly's Package Store
Only In My Dreams Events
Shire City Sanctuary
Yankee Septic

Dinner Denizens
Elise Abrams
Elizabeth Aspenlieder
Vicki Bonnington and David Schecker
Deborah Brothers
Regina Burgio and Nancy Hoffmeier
Karen Cellini
Wendy Darling
Catharine Deely
Keith Emerling
Jess Fitzgerald and Ben Evans
Kate Foster
Megan Foster
Tracy and Andy Foster
Robin and Stan Gerber
OGden Gigli
Joe Goodwin and Tony Chojnowski
Oskar Hallig and Mike Zippel
Heather Herman and Jason Schoen
Lauren Joy
Paul Kopperl
Veronica Martin and James Moore
Catherine Morris and Kendal Phipps
Laurie Norton-Moffatt
Suzanne Nash
Seth Nash
Josh Needleman
Natalie and David Neubert
Claudia Perles
JD Reber
Marlene Reil
Mimi Rosenblatt
Leigh Rosenfeld
Carol and Bob Stegeman
Danielle Steinmann
Jonathan Swartz
Diana Wall
Leslie Weil
Rebecca Weinman
Shelly Williams
Rebekah Wise
Bill Wright

Jonathan Amber
Darlene Baisley
Heart Shaped Box
Jade Roy
Auron Stark
James Workman

DJ Hush

Drew Suto
Joe Wheaton

Bill Wright

Brian Bissell
Mike Carty
Lucie Castaldo
Bobby Diesel
Paul Dodds
Renee Dodds
Ogden Gigli
Angel Heffernan
Noel Henebury
Michele Hotchkin
Trevor Hotchkin
Tim LeBlanc
Peter Long
Bill Murray
Seth Nash
Michael Rousseau
Emily Silver
Bill Wright

Jay Amidon
Gail Byrne
Amelia Chandler
Parker Chandler
Heather Franckling
Kristen Grippo
Amy Huebner
Justin Kaye
Michael King
Brendan Longe
Faye Morgan Amidon
Dana St. Pierre
Colleen Surprise-Jones

Special Thanks
Berkshire Shenanigans
Joyce Bernstein and Lawrence Rosenthal
Stacey Carver and Allen Harris
Joe Corcoran
Crispina ffrench and Chris Swindlehurst
Greylock Federal Credit Union
Oskar Hallig
Lucy Holland and Charles Schulze
Nancly Kalodner
Caren Kinne
Katie and Steve Lipkins
Caitlin and Mitch Nash
TD Charitable Foundation
Joe Wheaton

And Ernie the hot dog guy!