Capturing Fall

The Berkshires are particularly photogenic during this season. After an initial meeting at our base at Citizens’ Hall, we will spend class time shooting onsite in two lovely locations: Turn Park in West Stockbridge and Stockbridge Bowl in Stockbridge . Turning our attention to details of the season, we will look at how shifting light and transformations in the foliage can convey much larger visual themes. Composition, exposure, and color will be of particular interest, and technical support will be provided as needed. We will gather at our base studio to look at our work as a group to share the development of our unique perspectives.

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Fridays, 1 to 4PM October 6 to 20 (3 Meetings) Location: Citizens’ Hall, Stockbridge Bowl, Stockbridge & Turn Park, West Stockbridge
Wit McKay
First Lesson
Fri, Oct 6 2017